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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell printer cartridges?

No, we no longer stock printer cartridges. You can find branded inks at Paper Plus Katikati.

Do you sell darts?

No, Shot Darts operates out of their factory on Henry Road.

Do you do passport photos?

No, we do not take or print passport photos. You can get this done at Paper Plus / Kiwi Bank Katikati.

How much does it cost to print?

We have a $5 minimum handling charge on small printing jobs.

Due to supply chain variances we don't have printing prices listed.

Get in touch for a quote.


Do you sell stationery?

No, we do not stock reams of paper or stationery items such as paper clips, bubble wrap etc.
You can find all of your at home stationery at Paper Plus Katikati.
We do offer services to provide bespoke printed stationery however.

Do you sell ready made frames?

Typically we specialise in custom framing so we don't regularly stock ready made frames.

Although there are instances where we may have some made up from discontinued stock.

Why do the printed colours look different on my screen?

Converting RGB (digital screen) to CMYK (print) is a complicated process, with many contributing factors.
If colour matching is a concern, we do offer design services to help achieve best results.

Hope this helps!

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